utilizes very simple but effective phone verification technologies, which are freely accessible to most surfers on the planet.

Client Confirm can be easily configured for many different situations.  The most common uses of client confirm are:

  • Qualifying customers before they make a purchase
  • Qualifying customers as they are making a purchase
  • Qualifying members as they join your memebrship website
  • Reducing fraudulent check signups by pre-qualifying surfers

Client confirm can be easily implemented as a 'stepping stone' between two pages, thereby filtering your traffic to qualified surfers.

Step 1: Register your site - simply define your website, and what destination URL you want to take users to once they are confirmed.

Step 2: You will be given a unique URL to put on your website to take surfers to your client confirm page.

Step 3: Surfers who click on your URL will be prompted with the Client Confirm greeting screen.  This message is customizable.  Surfers can choose to confirm themselves by calling a toll-free number in their country, or by receiving an SMS to their mobile/cell phone.  Both methods are completely FREE to them.

Step 4: TOLLFREE - Surfers choose their country and are given a special free phone number for their country.  They ring up and then simply enter in a PIN number shown on the screen using the keypad on their phone.

Step 4: SMS - Surfers choose their country and enter their mobile/cell number.  They are sent an SMS message with a unique PIN number and they must type this number back into Client Confirm to prove they received it. 

Step 4: MANUAL - If a surfer cannot access a phone for some reason, they can request confirmation manually.  They simply leave their email address and a short message to the webmaster explaining why they cannot complete the toll free call.

Step 5: Once confirmed, surfers are taken to you destination URL.

Webmaster Benefits
  • Enhanced Age Verification.
  • Client Voice record of the transaction in database (1-800 only)
  • Enhanced Technology allows blocking of payphones but does not allow the client to use caller ID block. (1-800 only)
  • Significant reduction in "friendly" fraud where the client disputes the charge.
  • Significant reduction of chargebacks.
  • Curb affiliate fraud using stolen or generated credit card numbers.
  • In most countries there is no cost to your client to receive the authorisation number and therefore no charges appearing on their cell/mobile phone account.
  • stores the cell or mobile phone number on our database  This information is kept on a secure server for your clients protection.
  • This information is available to the webmaster or client once a written request is received validating a dispute.
  • Online reports available daily showing your clients user name, subscription id and geographic area.
  • Competitively priced
Client Benefits
  • Added protection against fraudulent use of card.
  • Ability to trace and confirm usage of the card by other family members or friends (Friendly Fraud).
  • Enhanced protection against usage of credit or prepaid cards by minors.
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