Below is a selection of the most FAQ's that we have, any further queries please send us an email and we will be happy to answer. 
enquiries AT clientconfirm DOT com 

Q: What if my client does not have access to a phone ?

A. Our reasearch indicates that over 95% of surfers have access to a phone and can complete the process.  Client confirm provides toll-free access in around 50 countries and also covers the planet with SMS coverage. If a surfer cannot however complete the process, your client selects a link confirming that they do not have access to a phone or cell/mobile service and takes them to a page which requests that they complete an email message form which is auto sent to your customer support facility with their user name, password and reason for non confirming via the normal process. It is then YOUR support facility who make the decision as to whether they confirm the site access manually. On your daily reports, these clients are highlighted for your attention and watch ongoing. would be suggesting that unless these clients can satisfy you as to a legitimate reason that they can not confirm normally, you should block access, until you are satisfied, that this client is not attempting fraud. We would expect this to be less than 5% of your signups.

Q:  Is this process fully automated and quick?

A:  Yes the whole process is quick and simple and close to instant once your client has given us the information.

Q: Does this process affect my signup conversion?

A. NO, there is no effect at all to your signups. The process comes after signup and initial scrub by your own scrubbing service or processor. The concept of is to qualify your client that they are who they say they are and are prepared to confirm the sale and their identity.

Q:  What happens when a client disputes a charge that I have made on their credit card or other payment facility?

A:  You simply contact support with a request for the clients information. We do, for your clients protection, require proof that the charge is in dispute. Depending on who is disputing the charge, financial institution or your client, as to what information we supply. If your request comes from a financial institution we will initially send you information as to when the call was made, and from what number. If the client themselves are questioning the charge direct with you, we can also supply a voice recording of the authorisation, their name and DOB (on the 1-800 service ONLY). Client queries from SMS will include all details except voice recording. 

Q:  What do you do with this stored information, is it available to others?

A:  No, the information is kept on a secure server and your stored information is NOT available to any one but you or your client. We request written notification of a dispute to ensure that both you and your clients rights are protected. The information is destroyed 12 months after collection. We do not exchange, sell or trade any information from your clients

Q. Can the client, caller ID block on the 1-800 number?

A. NO. Our system will not allow caller ID block, The process still goes through and the number is recorded even if the client has requested caller ID block. They are not aware that the process STILL traps the number.

Q. Does the system require a setup fee?

A. No. Your total cost is per authorisation. See the costs page. Discounts are available for high volume users.

Q. Can be modified to suit my own requirements?

A. Yes, definitely. As an example you may want to put the process in before you bill the client. The team can design specific
specifications to your requirements. Hit us up at

Q. seems to be specifically designed for Adult and the Gaming industry, how can it help me, I am a mainstream Internet retailer?

A. is designed to be used where ANY product or service is paid via credit card, check or funds transfer via a secure payment system online. eg.A family member "borrows" a credit card and arranges delivery of a product or service, virtual or physical, the card holder rejects payment saying that it was not authorized and does not accept the signature of the person who took delivery, can assist with the identification of the specific family member by both phone number, cell phone number and in the case of the USA a voice recording.

Q. Why is the oveseas service more expensive?

A. We have deployed an infrastructure for our new 1-800 service which works form any phone in more that 50 countries. It is a more expensive service than the SMS service which allows you to take foreign traffic with more confidence. ClientConfirm gives you the choice. Select a user name and password in the demo area so that you can see the whole process.
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