Codeworx, who developed, is an Australian based company which provides advanced technical support to online internet businesses.  Codeworx has been operating since 1997 and has been very heavily involved in pioneering new ideas and concepts in the adult, gaming and mainstream industries during that time. 
Codeworx provides several main products and services to clients:
Banner Affiliate System - Codeworx established one of the first online banner affiliate systems back in 1997 for a client which went on to become the industries biggest player for several years.  Many rewrites and revisions later, the current banner system is a very stable and flexible system which powers many affiliate program on the internet today, including some high profile adult sites as well as some more recent casino programs.

Credit Card Processing Gateway - As a response to the growing numbers of clients obtaining merchant account and needing specialised software written to process transactions, Codeworx developed a gateway system to handle the entire process of taking and processing subscriptions for clients.

The gateway is a very robust system which is built in a very modular way, such that new billing companies and their payment technologies (credit card, cheque, debit card etc) can be easily 'plugged in' with little work. The gateway takes care of everything from processing subscriptions to rebilling them according to pre-defined schedules, advanced reporting through an administrative interface and customer support functionality.

Server Support - Due to the extensive experience Codeworx staff possesses, one of the companies bread-and-butter services is server support. Codeworx staff specialise in the support of Unix based servers (in particular FreeBSD) from single server configurations to highly scalable large enterprise server farms. In addition to this, Codeworx has expertise in many of the third party software packages to support these installations, such as SMTP, POP, DNS and Apache.

Programming and Database Support - As well as the in-house software Codeworx maintains, Codeworx has also written many software applications for clients. Codeworx staff posses an advanced knowledge of the MySQL database application and API, and have performed tasks from simple installations to advanced multi-server replications with real-time redundancy.
Codeworx programmers are also very proficient with both PHP and Perl, and all programs are built to a high standard. Industry standard protocols and methods are utilised in most software (for example, XML technology for reporting) and all programs are written with proper programming practices (commenting, proper log-file writing).   All programmers make strict use of a versioning system (CVS) for source code control.
Other well known products that the Codeworx guys have brought to the industry.
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